It’s the season of the sales!

Grab those pieces before they are gone, but wait, is that ‘big sale’, burning a hole in your pocket?

Is it really a sale then?

RED Alert!

Do not shop! I repeat, do not shop!

Apologies shopaholics! Apologies to scare you like that. But, one cannot deny this fact. We always gorge upon too much, spilling from our plate here and there and it leaves us miserable in the end.
No worries though, we are here to your rescue.
You can make the most out of that ‘the sale’ without making that big a hole in your pocket. Just follow these simple rules and trust us, you will be sorted!

Rule no. 1
All you out there, you need to understand the basic rule of prioritising.
Add all that you think you would buy in your wishlists and then without further ado start short-listing everything you would buy for REAL from that wishlist. Trust the God of shopaholics my friend, this is the key!

Rule no. 2
We often tend to buy the wrong size when it the sale time. “Oh! This might not be available later; I should buy even its available a size smaller. I will anyway slim down until next month.” STOP this! Buy only if it is available in your size. You will really enjoy wearing what you buy.

Rule no. 3
Know what suits you:
Looks are deceiving. Don’t just blindly follow the trend. Buy the silhouettes that suit your body type. Don’t indulge in guilt shopping. Do not invest into something you will not wear later and buy only the ones you actually are going to wear.

Rule no. 4
Fix a budget for yourself and make sure you do not spend more than that. You are really going to thank us later once you see the results. 😉

SWEAR by these rules like an obedient child and you’ll be here in the SALE game winning like a pro!


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