The season of the rains, ah! The season of the chai and pakora combo has knocked on our doors already and we can’t keep calm. The raindrops, not only uplifts our sour moods but also cleanses our souls and energises us in a way that nothing else can. It takes us to altogether a new world and we are indeed enchanted by the cool breeze and the Romantic Mausam that takes our hearts away and swings it in a way that we are blown away by the magical touch of it.

*snap* *snap* *snap*

Surely, u got carried away with us, right? These rains just, are so mesmerising. The monsoon is a pretty most comfortable season of the year. Tank Tops, Shorts, Sheer Shirts, Skirts, Shirts with quirky prints, Bermudas and so on, are rigorously seen on the streets. We suggest, make use of the different monsoon sales that happen in and around various brands. Pick out the most comfortable outfits out there that will make you a trend setter. Live the trends, but the monsoon way.

Guys and girls, here are top 5 picks that will make you live the trends the monsoon way. Up your wardrobe game with these absolute must haves!

For our gorgeous ladies out there, here you go! Ace the game!

  1. Dresses:
    Some people literally live in the dresses they flaunt. Comfy Tie-dye dresses are your go to dress this season. You can absolutely live in this!
  2. Tops:
    If you are not a dress person, you are depending on the reliable tops out there. But what to flaunt in all those stupendously amazing designs? Don’t you worry, this strappy tie-dye top and this sheer shirt will keep your body breathing the cool breeze and let you enjoy the Awesome Mausam.
    But wait a minute, are you the badass punkish kinds? This funky crop top is a match made in heaven for you!  
    In need for something trendy but subtle on your daily dose of fashion? Try this cold shoulder top and you are done.
  3. Bell Sleeves:
    This Mausam is all about the exaggerated bell sleeves. Sport them to be in the style game this season! Bell sleeve tops are a rage this season. It is a wardrobe must have. Grab this bell sleeve kimono top before it’s gone!  
    Also, this solid black bell sleeve crop top is also amongst our favourites.

So let us talk about our handsome guys now!

  1. Polos:
    Polos are the comfiest clothing category, be it any season it is. But especially to combat the humidity post rains, this is our favourite pick for you guys out there.  And what is better than a printed polo, right?
    The more the choices, the better it is. 😉
    Our beloved printed polos along with the solid colour polos. 😛
  2. Printed T-shirts:
    So the quirky printed t-shirts always win our hearts and we can’t help drool over them. And, this Aztec printed t-shirt, ah! Our hearts are taken, again!

So all you wonderful people, we hope your monsoon wardrobe doubts have been cleared away in the most fashionable way possible. 😉

Look lovely and stay stylish forever!

Much Love :*

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